Carte Blanche à Roger Biwandu


Carte blanche à ROGER BIWANDU - #Evénement
« Le Kian » Hervé Gourdikian sax « Kan’ » Mario Canonge piano « Titi » Thierry Fanfant bass « Kemp » Roger Biwandu drums
4 musicians "from the Baiser Salé" for 2 exceptional concerts! Roger Biwandu, Joe Zawinul's drummer, Salif Keita... invite two of his former acolytes from the famous Chic Hot band, remember? Yes you remember... Mario Canonge, pianist in search of modern phrasings, but jazzman close to his Caribbean roots and the voluptuous and melodious saxophone of Hervé Gourdikian. If Roger plays regularly with Hervé in several bands and with Mario in his ones, these three have not replayed together since the end of the Chic Hot band, in the mid-2000s. For the bass, the brilliant Thierry Fanfant was requisitioned to link everything with his usual know-how. Groove and class on the program.

Baiser Salé


September 2020

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