Django All Stars

Django All Stars
  • Thursday January, 26th 2023
  • 8:30 PM
  • Jazz Club Étoile
  • Free entrance
  • Dinner-concert on site

As part of the evenings sponsored by Thomas Dutronc

On January 23, 1910 Django Reinhardt was born. This character had an extraordinary destiny: a young gypsy who grew up in the Paris area, he was the victim of a serious accident at the age of 18 that left him with a half-paralyzed left hand. The story could have ended that way, but it was without counting on the genius of this man who in a few years was finally going to revolutionize the world of the guitar and jazz!
More than 100 years later, his work is still at the heart of French jazz and it is quite natural that the Jazz Club Etoile wanted to pay tribute to him on the occasion of the monthly meeting sponsored by Thomas Dutronc.  The fine flower of gypsy jazz will be there to pay him a vibrant tribute...

Angelo Debarre, a key figure in gypsy guitar. He is one of the greatest guitarists of the style currently and brings a color of the Eastern countries to the repertory. Simba Baumgartner, the great-grandson of Django Reinhardt. He lives in Samois sur Seine, Django's last place of residence, where he perpetuates the tradition of his grandfather. He has performed at the annual Django Festival in Fontainebleau and at Carnegie Hall in New York with artists such as Stochelo Rosenberg and Stéphane Wrembel. Noé Reinhardt, also a member of Django's family, is a guitarist known for his elegant and incisive playing. He is interested in American jazz culture and brings another reading of the work of the first guitar hero. Hugo Guezbar, guitar virtuoso, he is the phenomenon of the moment in gypsy jazz and his playing is simply breathtaking! Aurore Voilqué, violinist that we don't need to introduce anymore, she participates in many projects when it comes to gypsy jazz and especially with Thomas Dutronc. Raphael Tristant Jouaville, a cross-over violinist who has played on all continents. His playing is explosive and he carries you away with his wild swing!

Angelo Debarre (Guitar), Noé Reinhardt (Guitar), Simba Baumgartner (Guitar), Hugo Guezbar (Guitar), Aurore Voilqué (Violin), Raphael Tristan (Violin), Mathieu Chatelain (Guitar), Claudius Dupont (Double bass).



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