Akoda - Photo : Lili Renée
  • Thursday February, 2nd 2023
  • 8:30 PM
  • Jazz Club Étoile
  • Dinner & concert
  • Free entrance

Label: Aztec Musiques // Distribution: Pias AKODA is a trio from Bordeaux led by pianist and singer Valérie Chane Tef from Reunion, with Franck Leymerégie on percussion and Benjamin Pellier on bass. These three accomplices have been refining their sound for a decade, enthusiastically taking us on a journey of Creole ballads that are their identity and their infectious joie de vivre. 
In March 2022 AKODA confirms its identity with a second powerful, visceral and immediate opus, "Nout'Souk". With their voices in the lead, they sing Reunionese, Guadeloupean, Martiniquean or invented language, it is a living tradition that the group reinvents and transmits to us with its jazz signature: beating hearts, dancing bodies, present emotions.

Valérie Chane Tef (Piano, voice, composition), Benjamin Pellier (Bass, choir), Franck Leymerégie : (Drums, choir)


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