Las Guitarras De Buenos Aires, Tango A. O. P.

  • Thursday February, 2nd 2023
  • 8:30 PM
  • Le Barbizon
  • Dinner & concert
  • 11 €
  • 11€ online and 13€ on site

By reviving the spirit of an authentic barrio tango, the trio of Las Guitarras de Buenos Aires invites us to a return to the popular sources of tango.
With Las Guitarras de Buenos Aires, Javier Díaz González is the defender of the most authentic tango, a tango roots, that of the tanguerías of the neighborhood of his childhood, because it is in the capital that this music was born. 
In this tango of the origins, tango of the people, at the same time traditional and spontaneous, the guitar is the king instrument. 
It plays all the roles there. 
Rhythmic, first of all, because it is the very essence of tango. The marcato, the syncopation, and the arrastre (slide) are some of the most specific rhythmic figures. The Tango genre actually includes three different dances: the tango proper, the waltz, and the milonga. 
The guitar is also a wonderful harmonic instrument. The influence of Spanish zarzuela and Neapolitan song can be felt in this immigrant music. The minor mode is very present, translating homesickness or melancholy in love.
Finally, the guitar also plays a melodic role, with a typical phrasing, a little jerky, staccato, which almost evokes spoken language rather than singing. The melody is complemented by improvised parts according to precise rules, different from those of jazz improvisation. 
For this project, Javier Díaz González (melodic guitar and arrangements) has surrounded himself with two outstanding Argentine musicians. Fabián Cortez, on rhythm guitar, is a figure of the milonga (tango ball) scene of Buenos Aires, exceptionally in Paris. Facundo Di Pietro, who trained in the prestigious orquestra school Emilio Balcarce, knows all the tricks of the tango language on double bass. He gives to hear and to see a tasty and virtuoso play, very different from the classical or jazz techniques. 
Together, they jubilantly bring to life the works of the great composers of traditional tango such as Carlos Di Sarli, Carlos Gardel, Juan D'Arienzo and Aníbal Troilo, among other maestros.

Javier Díaz González : Guitare lead
Fabián Cortez : Guitare
Facundo Di Pietro : Contrebasse



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