Singers Singers #3

Singers Singers #3
  • Thursday February, 9th 2023
  • 8:30 PM
  • Le Barbizon
  • Dinner & concert
  • 5 €
  • 5€ on site

The Barbizon is pleased to welcome Singers Singers#3.
Elsa Lendower, vocal coach, has undertaken for the 3rd year to bring together 4 of her singing students to give them the opportunity to experience the stage. In only 3 group workshops and 6 individual classes, all within the time limit of 3 months, they had to take up the challenge of performing 4 solo songs accompanied by an outstanding pianist. 

A unique moment of sharing, the singers ready to reveal themselves in spite of their possible fragility, a real moment of authenticity. 
It is with great pleasure that Elsa takes them through this project, from the choice of songs to their interpretation, including stage work, giving them technical tools or advice to help them gain confidence in their potential.
An emotional moment guaranteed!

Birth of the project : 
"How many students I met who didn't dare to sing in front of anyone...I thought it was a two years ago I launched a first coaching session with the most advanced. A success! For the singers as well as for the ears. I hope this project will have a long life. 
So I have only one thing to say...come and discover them!"

Elsa Lendower

Singers : Stéphane, Nadia, Viktorie, Landy
Clavier : Pietrnel Van Oers



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