Etienne Manchon Trio

  • Thursday February, 16th 2023
  • 8:00 PM
  • Le Barbizon
  • Dinner & concert
  • 11 €
  • 11€ online and 13€ on site

After more than 50 concerts and the release in 2019 of their first album " Elastic Borders ", Etienne Manchon and his trio unveil their exhilarating new creation : " Streets ".
After more than fifty concerts and the release in 2019 of their first album " Elastic Borders ", Etienne Manchon, Clément Daldosso and Théo Moutou unveil their new creation : " Streets ", which takes us to the streets that have marked the personal stories of the three musicians. Streets lived in, boulevards walked, addresses visited, these streets, from the most insignificant to the most loaded with memories, have all in their own way participated in influencing the life of each of us. It is thus in the idea to celebrate all these places that "Streets" was born under the traditional form of a trio piano / bass / drums, enhanced by a Fender Rhodes and its effects. All these sounds mix to expose a music at the borders of jazz, rock and film music. 
Original compositions chiseled to measure, for a group with boundless energy whose favorite playground is undoubtedly the live! Clément, Théo and Etienne know each other by heart and show a rare complicity on stage, which they communicate to an ever growing and enthusiastic audience, from the Jazz in Marciac festival to the Reunion Island, passing through Sardinia, without forgetting of course the Barbizon !

Etienne Manchon : Piano, keyboard, compositions
Clément Daldosso : Double bass
Théo Moutou : Drums


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