"Le" Collectif Sings Springtime

"Le" Collectif sings springtime
  • Thursday March, 23rd 2023
  • 9:00 PM
  • La Mezzanine
  • Free entrance
  • Entrée libre et gratuite dans la limite des places disponibles

A considerable number of composers, singers, musicians have been inspired by spring.
And that's good, it will have started 3 days before the concert!
The "collective" of musicians-programmers of Jazz-Session offers us this evening an anthology of tributes to the season of renewal!
Even if it's not the "Sacre" that they will play tonight, there are many other very beautiful songs, jazz, Latin, French, from Clifford Brown to Charles Trenet, from Vernon Duke to Michel Legrand.. .which are just waiting to be played to celebrate this season again.

Valérie Guitard (Voice, Flute)
Laurent Epstein (Piano)
Pascal Bivalski (Vibraphone)
Hervé Czak (Double bass)
Christian Duperray (Bass)
Jean-Marie Lagache (Drums, Jokes)


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