Live Improvisation On "The General Mechanics"

Live improvisation on "the general mechanics"
  • Monday February, 20th 2023
  • 8:00 PM
  • Le Barbizon
  • Dinner & concert
  • 15 €
  • 15€ online and 15€ on site

A warm and authentic musical moment for all at the service of a masterpiece of silent cinema.
Come and listen to Lend play the piano on the masterpiece "Le Mécano de la Générale" and discover his art of improvisation on a silent film. His abundant creativity and inspired music allow him to give life to each image in an original and surprising way. Lend is a talented improvising pianist, known for his rigor and generosity on stage. Don't miss this opportunity to discover his exceptional improvisations on this must-see film.
Presentation of the film : "The General's Mechanic" is considered a masterpiece of silent cinema. The actor Buster Keaton incarnates with genius a candid and courageous hero:
The mechanic Johnnie Gray has two loves: his fiancée and his locomotive, The General. In the middle of the Civil War, Northern spies seize The General and his fiancée. Johnny sets out in pursuit...
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