As part of the gypsy jazz evenings sponsored by Thomas Dutronc

DJANGO - As part of the gypsy jazz evenings sponsored by Thomas Dutronc - Photo : © JM Guerin / Marikel Lahana
© JM Guerin / Marikel Lahana

Born from a common desire to rediscover the music of Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli, this quintet brings together once again on stage two musicians who are unavoidable in the French jazz landscape, violinist Mathias Levy and guitarist Sébastien Giniaux.

Carried by a typical rhythmic of the post-war years - gypsy guitar, double bass and drums - ensured by three exceptional musicians, the two friends have fun making us rediscover the compositions of Django Reinhardt and other jazz standards particular to this period of the end of the 40s. A repertoire not often played and yet brilliant, where we can clearly hear in the writing and the way of improvising of Django his influences of the time, between the gypsy jazz, Claude Debussy and the nascent be-bop.

A quintet born in 2023, where musicality and virtuosity are mixed with good humor.

Sébastien Giniaux (lead guitar), Mathias Levy (violin), Joris Viquesnel (rhythm guitar), Edouard Pennes (double bass), Jérémie Pontier (drums)



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