Bratz - Photo : Natacha Boughourlian
Natacha Boughourlian

It is on the top of the mountains that the group Bratz was born. The idea of creating a band with a diabolical and contagious energy, capable of making Led Zeppelin and Michael Jackson collide in the same breath, came from the top of the Pyrenees during an informal discussion between the leader/drummer Karim and a musician friend. 

It is in a very short time that Karim gathers around him some of the finest blades of Paris to accompany him in this project. Thus his long-time partner Vincent "Dr. Vince" Guibert took place behind the keyboards, Jeremy "Morrison" Morice on guitar, Xavier "Mayo" Zolli on bass and to lead the front, Damien Pisano and Nevedya on vocals. With an ultra-sharp workforce, the group set out to conquer the peaks and soon made its name resound in the surrounding valleys. 7 years later and with more than a hundred concerts under their belt, Bratz is still ready to play wherever good music needs a hand. From Paris to Tokyo, from London to Sydney, no one is safe when Bratz Attacks !

Karim Benaziza (Leader, drummer, vocals), Vincent Guibert (Keyboard, guitar, vocals), Xavier Zolli (Bass), Jérémy Morice "MORISON" (Guitar, vocals), Bénédicte Picardet "NEVEDYA" (Vocals, lead), Damien Pisano "DAMS" (Vocals, lead)



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