Whitney Shay

Whitney Shay - Photo : Andy King

"Stand Up!" It's not just an album title, it's a command, forcing anyone who hears Whitney Shay's R'n'B tone onto the dance floor. A flame-haired stick of dynamite in a sparkling dress, this San Diego phenom made this record to dance, drink and dream, with songs to soundtrack life's ups and downs.

Old school - with a thousand word-of-mouth shows - Whitney Shay's first decade has seen four San Diego Music Awards wins, a nomination for the prestigious Blues Music Awards and the label of "future blues icon" from Blues Matters magazine! Whether you picked up 2012's debut album, "Soul Tonic", caught up with her on 2018's acclaimed "A Woman Rules The World" - or heard her songs on major TV networks including HBO and NBC - you're probably already a fan, whether you realize it or not. This album - written with her partner Adam J. Eros - might fill dance floors, but it also takes you inside Shay's head, with themes that range from the personal to the socio-political. Many of the songs on this album deal with themes of equality and female empowerment," she says. Whether it's raucous or painful, every note on Stand Up! is real. And whether you play this record at the highest volume - or hear these tunes live on the Ruf Records double album Blues Caravan 2020 - she'll have every listener on their feet!

Whitney Shay (vocals), Laura Chavez (guitar), Denis Palatin (drums), Tomek Gehrman (bass), Katarina Pejak (keyboard)


June 2023

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