Tanya Michelle And The Blackbirds

Tanya Michelle and the Blackbirds - Photo : Barbara Nicoli
Barbara Nicoli
As part of the festival: Jazz sur Seine 2023

Funk & Soul Celebration!

Tanya MICHELLE is an extraordinary singer in more ways than one. First and foremost, it's her singular presence that puts a smile on the audience's face even before she's sung a single note, that ultra-solar charisma, that infectious big laugh that leaves no one indifferent. What's more, Tanya MICHELLE is undeniably armed with one of the finest voices of her generation. At times exhilaratingly powerful, at others of infinite finesse and elegance. Tanya touches the heart, galvanizes, hypnotizes, with boundless generosity. From surprise to ecstasy, from tears to bursts of laughter, it's a rich array of emotions that only great artists seem able to generate.

With the fabulous band "The Blackbirds", Tanya Michelle celebrates the great traditions of Funk and Soul Music, revisiting the great standards of Stevie Wonder, Kool & the Gang, Prince, Marvin Gaye, and many others... Carried by a fiery brass section and the bewitching grooves of this exceptional group, Tanya MICHELLE promises us an unforgettable evening.

Tanya Michelle (vocals), Mehdi Madir (bass), Guillaume Destarac (drums), Eddy Malka (keyboards), Mathias Schuber (guitar), Loic Gayot (saxophone), Olivier Bridot (trumpet), Michael Joussein (trombone).



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