Five O'clock Jazz Group

   New Orl.
Five O'Clock Jazz Group - Photo : Jacques Benhamou
Jacques Benhamou

"In the footsteps of FRANK SINATRA
A remarkably eclectic group, the Five O'Clock Jazz Group's concerts span several eras, styles and even genres of music.

From the traditional jazz of New Orleans and Dixieland, they move seamlessly and equally happily into the main stream of the Ellington and Goodman years, continue with a velvety bossa nova, surf a little on the tepid waves of typical music and even allow themselves a few forays into the vast realm of variety! (...)
Professional in their talent, experience and constant concern to bring the audience the joy it expects from them, their enthusiasm is infectious and boundless! Enchanted first and foremost by their music, but also by their joie de vivre, their taste for good humor and their culture of friendship, if you haven't yet heard of the Five O'Clock Jazz Group, come and listen. You'll see... they'll enchant you too.

Michel Crichton (Piano), Philippe Gibrat (Trombone), Jean Michel Vienney (Clarinet, Tenor saxophone), Laurent Bajata (Guitar), Frédéric Bonneau (Double bass), François Reau (Drums), Jean Jacques Delaunay (Singer), Jacques Benhamou (Alto and soprano saxophones, conductor).



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