Django All Stars

Django All Stars

Django Reinhardt was born on 23 January 1910. He had an extraordinary destiny: a young gypsy growing up in the Paris area, he suffered a serious accident at the age of 18 that left him with a half-paralysed left hand. The story could have ended that way, but that was without counting on the genius of this man who, in just a few years, was to revolutionise the world of guitar and jazz!

More than 100 years later, his work is still at the heart of French jazz, and it's only natural that Jazz Club Etoile should pay tribute to him at the monthly event sponsored by Thomas Dutronc.
For the occasion, we've brought together the cream of Gypsy jazz!

Angelo Debarre (guitar), Noé Reinhardt (guitar), Simba Baumgartner (guitar), Hugo Guezbar (guitar), Mathias Guerry (violin), Aurore Voilqué (violin), Mathieu Chatelain (guitar) and Esteban Felix (double bass).



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