Festival Au Fil Des Voix

Ali Doğan Gonültaş

Festival Au Fil Des Voix - Ali Doğan Gonültaş

Ali Doğan Gonültaş, Kurdish musician and singer, is heir to and transmitter of the ancestral tradition of a Mesopotamian colony of Anatolia. His unique and singular voice vibrates with all the musical treasures of Eastern Anatolia. Forgotten Armenian songs, traditional Kurdish dances, work and prayer songs... An astonishing timeless journey, to the heart of the countless melodies born in the town of Kiğı, his birthplace, a melting pot of musics and peoples to which he will have devoted 10 years of research, the delicate quintessence of which he offers us on stage.

Ali Doğan Gönültaş - Vocals, drums, acoustic guitar
Firat Cakilci - Clarinet
Ali Kutlutürk - Percussion



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