Justina Lee Brown

Justina Lee Brown - Photo : JLB

Justina Lee Brown is an internationally renowned singer and songwriter. Born and raised in Africa, before moving to Europe, his music is a vibrant blend of his African roots and various modern influences.

Each song on his latest album refers to a part of his personal biography, a living testimony of his life full of challenges and achievements. Her development as an artist was greatly influenced by the multiple cultures with which she interacted, making her a true citizen of the world.
Justina Lee Brown is best known for her unique and powerful voice. Whether in the blues, soul, rock or jazz genre, his voice is able to captivate his audience through various musical genres. She has a gift for writing songs that talk about her life, love, faith, and the struggle to overcome challenges.

Brown is not only a singer, but also a composer. She writes her own songs, adding a personal touch to each melody and speech. His approach to writing is organic and intuitive, which allows him to create songs that resonate with a wide audience.

Justina Lee Brown (Vocals), Nic Niedermann (Guitar), Thom Wettstein (Bass), Christof Jaussi (Drums).



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