The Majestik Orchestra

The Majestik Orchestra - Photo : Jeremy Viraye
Jeremy Viraye

Created in 2019, the Majestik Orchestra are a group of singing friends whose members are Marina Tacite (soprano), Tess Hédreville (alto) and Jérémie Viraye (bass-baritone), the group's creator. The group is one of the most active liturgical Gospel and Soul groups in the world.

In full bloom since the 2000s, Majestik Orchestra recently graced the gospel tour of the great French singer Nicoletta.
The originality of this choir lies in its formula: a mixed, cosmopolitan ensemble of West Indian singers united by a passion for the negro spiritual, with a common signature of voices that cover all the nuances of a majestic song that goes straight to the heart and soul.

Les Majestik Orchestra are accompanied by wonderful musicians Gregory Loïal (piano), Guy Bervin (bass), Olivier Marchevet (drums) and Jérome Cornelis (guitar). This marvellous group sweeps through the entire repertoire of this black spiritual music, a symbol of freedom and hope, conveying universal values of respect and tolerance.

Marina Tacite (vocals - soprano), Tess Hedreville (vocals - alto), Jérémie Viraye (vocals - bass-baritone, artistic direction), Gregory Loïal (piano), Guy Bervin (bass), Vincent Cyrille (guitar), Olivier Marchevet (drums).



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