Ceux Qui Marchent Debout

Ceux Qui Marchent Debout - Photo : CQMD

Ceux Qui Marchent Debout is a band that needs no introduction after a 30-year career, 10 albums and over 1,500 concerts.
Godfathers of modern brass bands, tireless groovers and certified globetrotters, Ceux Qui Marchent Debout are still making the planet dance.

Funk is their style. Whether second line, go-go, P-funk or Rocksteady, it's at the heart of all their compositions. Having rubbed shoulders with the great names of the genre (Maceo Parker, Fred Wesley, Bootsy Collins, The Neville Brothers) and even jammed a few tracks with JoeyStarr at the Olympia in 2007, CQMD confirm that funk is synonymous with joie de vivre and eternal youth! Their relaxed, energetic show, peppered with descents into the audience, is always a delight for dancers the world over. 
The band's latest album, "From Blues to Funk", is more funk, but also subtly blues. It's a perfect blend of syncopated grooves, simple melodies and solos for a trip to the land of the blues that'll get your legs tingling.

Bruno Clark (banjo/vocals), Sylvain Lacombe (trombone/vocals), Benoît Gaudiche (trumpet/vocals), Fabrice Lerigab (snare drum/vocals), Boris De Loepper (bass drum/vocals), Julien Petit (sousaphone), Arnaud Fioravanti (tenor sax/vocals).



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