#FestivalEstivalDeJam 13ème Édition

From Sunday August, 4th 2019 to Monday September, 2nd 2019
#FestivalEstivalDeJam 13ème Édition

#FestivalEstivalDeJam 13ème Édition

At the Baiser Salé, we take advantage of the summer to spend free and unique musical evenings at the Summer Festival of Jam, from August 4th to September 2nd. More than a simple concert, the jam is an opportunity to discover outstanding musicians, to see them having fun improvising together, it is the feeling of participating in a special moment.

150 musicians will play: from the youngest to the most confirmed! You will have the opportunity to be amazed by a young guitar prodigy, one of the greatest representatives of Brazilian music today, by artists on the rise or musicians who already make reference. The themes are catchy and will speak to the greatest number: no need to be a musician to come and enjoy the special energy of these open scenes. It is in these moments that we witness ephemeral musical emotions and unpredictable encounters. After an hour of concert, which lay the foundations and give the place to the JAM! As long as there are people in the room, the music will go on !!



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