#French Quarter 21 - Alex Terrier & Kenny Barron

Alex Terrier & Kenny Barron - Duo @Mezzrow

#FRENCH QUARTER 21 - Alex Terrier & Kenny Barron - Alex Terrier & Kenny Barron - Duo @Mezzrow - Photo : Tore Saetre
As part of the festival: French Quarter, Jazz Live from NYC 2021
  • Monday January, 11th 2021
  • 8:30 PM
  • Mezzrow
  • Free entrance
LiveStream concert @Mezzrow Jazz Club, NYC


Alex Terrier is a renowned saxophonist. Active member of the New York jazz scene, he is known to be, among other thing, the first french musician to star in the legendary Mingus Big Band ! Independent artist, he is a man of many talents: band leader, composer, teacher. In his standard album « New York Quartet », he is joined by Kenny Barron on piano.

Kenny Barron has been capturing and enchanting the audience for many years. The Los Angeles Times has described him as « one of the best piano musicians of the world ». Wether he plays solo or not, Kenny Barron is known all around the globe for his talent in both improvisation and composition. Famous protege of the late Jazz Legend Dizzy Gillespie, he will be starring in duet with Alex Terrier at the Mezzrow.

The two genious musicians wil be gathered in an exceptional duo for FRENCH QUARTER 2021.

Whatch That Show

Alex Terrier - sax

Kenny Barron - piano

  • 163 West 10th Street, 10014 New York, United States
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